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Welcome to the ACI Company web site, we are service Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties in South Florida!  For over 18 years Advantage Communications has been providing two way radio system sales and service in Florida. We service and sell all major brands including Motorola, Icom and Kenwood, but are not driven by manufacturer incentives or commissions. For our clients we are only driven by the best product fit (value, cost, & performance).  We also provide export radio systems, consulting, radio network design, RF propagation studies, quantitative radio perfromance measurements,  design, construction, maintenance and optimization of all two way radio systems.  We build specialized radio systems that allow our customers to exploit the powerful applications of wireless technology.  Our typical clients are hospital, public safety, government, industrial, and commercial system owners.  All of our technicians are FCC licensed, industry certified, and have an average of 25 years experience in the industry.  My name is Mark Lavallee and I am the President of ACI, please browse our site, call on us and see how we can meet and exceed your 2 way radio communications needs.

Office:        954-961-2642
 Fax:            954-894-8900

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